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  • Wind Breaker Episode 2: The Hero of My Dreams

    Wind Breaker Episode 2: The Hero of My Dreams

    I think it’s incredibly easy for people to have gotten the wrong idea about the series with its first episode, but Wind Breaker episode 2 breezes by and tempers expectations a great deal. What was once a slug fest on… read more

  • Laid-Back Camp Season 3 Episode 2: Mini Camp

    Laid-Back Camp Season 3 Episode 2: Mini Camp

    Channelling my inner Thanos, I have to address director of photography Katsuto Ogawa, “Perhaps I treated you too harshly”. I was rather critical of the work they produced with the first episode, citing a lot of struggles in various scenes.… read more

  • Mysterious Disappearances First Impressions

    Mysterious Disappearances First Impressions

    The first episode of the adaptation of the exciting supernatural manga, Mysterious Disappearance, has arrived at Zero G, helmed by Tomomi Mochizuki. He might have soured people’s opinion of him with his work on Pupa and Rainy Cocoa. However, he’s… read more