One day, years ago (as painful as it is to say), I sat at my desk wondering how I should go about learning web development. The answer that came to me was to build a blog website- it has comments, searching and filtering, post formatting, and plenty of other unique layouts and elements.

I was ready to get started but realized that how I built my blog website mattered, and that I’d need to select a topic for it to focus on. Cars were hard to write about without a lot of travel and external effort, and PC hardware was expensive to get a hold of. The answer that I arrived at was anime and manga. Simple, easy to access, and was not going to cost me anything extra (as I already had subscriptions).

So, a blog website was built. It was humble, built in all vanilla HTML, CSS, and Javascript (a bit of a masochistic move), but it worked. And it set the foundations in place for this name to grow into what it’s become today.


While the blog website was only ever intended to be a blog website, it inevitably became something far greater, and for a simple reason, really.

“What good is a blog website if nobody knows about it?”, a question that I wondered to myself as I built it. Of course, the subsequent answer I gave was that it’s no good, and that I need to promote it to some degree.

That line of thinking led me to creating a Twitter account to promote the blog via, which took on a life of its own and left the blog in the dust. Continuing down the rabbit hole, Musk’s Twitter take over gave everyone a bit of a spook so I created a Tumblr account as a backup, rediscovering my passion for long format posts.

Following that, a TikTok was created to try out the visual medium, and subsequently a YouTube account to scratch that long format itch. And ultimately, all of it is brought full circle with the creation of this blog website in January 2024.


Quality content and output is founded on quality talent, high standards, and constant development. Animehouse isn’t so self-centered to believe that we deliver the best possible work in this world of information. Instead, a promise is made by every author to strive for the highest level of quality possible, and push the boundaries of our abilities to earn the title of “the best”. And each and every one of those individual efforts begins with a story.


The question that I find myself left with is, “where do I go next?”. What do I do next, what idea do I pursue following this? Satisfaction isn’t something that tends to linger with me. I always keep my gaze on the horizon and try to find new ideas or experiences to go after.

Truthfully, my answer to that question is very vague. So long as what I’m doing satisfies the condition of “sharing my passion for animanga”, I don’t have too many qualms with what I end up doing. That sentiment is what created Animehouse in the first place, and I’m confident that it will continue to be the cornerstone of innovation within the name (which I refuse to call a brand).

Passion is what led me to creating a YouTube channel this year, and passion (alongside some very mild pestering from a friend) is what got me to make this blog website once more. Maybe in the future that passion will lead me somewhere totally novel that I would have never considered with this idea, or heaven forbid it lead me towards a podcast.

Joking aside, I truly don’t have any grand ideas for Animehouse aside from it being a way to express my interest in all things animanga. So this all has ended up a vague rambling to say one thing: I really love sharing my interest in animanga, and so long as I have that interest, Animehouse will exist in any number of shapes and forms.